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Why were here 

The Vision Engine was founded on the recognition that - now, more than ever - customer-centricity needs to be a companywide obsession.


A belief that clever commercial engineering can unlock short-term gains - and we can provide that - but real long-term value creation comes from realising a compelling vision around your customer. And the brand is the vehicle for bringing that to life.

For almost thirty years, we've worked in - and with - some of the world’s best-known and successful service sector brands. We've seen first-hand the complexities of multi-site, multi-touchpoint operations; the challenges of managing a perishable inventory with high fixed costs, capital constraints and slim margins; the intricacies of leading high-performing, engaged teams across geographies and cultures; the fusing of a seamless online and offline experience; and the imperative to anticipate - at speed - ever-changing customer needs and sentiments. 


We bring together Big Picture thinking - and a ferocious love of impactful creativity - with a savvy, analytical, commercial mindset.  In our experience, you need both.

David Anderson

Founder & MD

An accomplished C-suite business leader with over 25 years’ experience across strategic, commercial, branding and marketing roles in several market-leading companies. He has served on four international Executive Committees, been a Non-Executive Board Director and demonstrated versatility with senior positions across travel & hospitality, airline, health & fitness, entertainment, and education sectors. 


An expert in growing service and experiential brands, David unifies organisations around an insight-driven, customer-centric agenda to stimulate commercial growth. He has brought purpose, clarity and distinction to the brands he has worked on as well as improve internal capability and engagement around their delivery.  

Our Associates

We can tap into a curated group of globally-renowned, seasoned specialists depending on the in-depth and bespoke requirements of your brief. 


Our network of friends includes the following specialities to support when needed:

  • data and market research

  • revenue management

  • culture and people performance

  • brand strategy and customer experience

  • brand engagement (training, audio/visual production or interactive digital content)

  • design

We’re excited to share more details on each of them soon.

Image by Ishan @seefromthesky
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