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My toast to the service sector

A post on LinkedIn from Monday 12th April 2021: the day the UK had first wave of reopening.

A recruiter friend remarked at the beginning of the year, “Wow, your CV reads like a list of every industry that’s been hammered by covid!”

Yup, he wasn’t lying.

Some of us have chosen careers in industries that need humans getting together for them to work.

Because they sell things you experience, rather than keep. Moments, services, interactions, journeys, solutions...things you remember. Industries that, at their heart, are powered by the service of talented and passionate people - and the environments they serve in. People who take real pride in looking you in the eye with a smile that says, “You’re in our care now...”

Yes, it’s been tough for many sectors I’ve been lucky enough to work in.

But today is a good day in the UK. Another small step forward, towards some sort of normality. With many more sectors to follow over the coming weeks.

So here’s to all those able to welcome customers back today.

And here’s to your amazing experiences and services we’ve missed for too long. Things we can talk about. New memories to share. Facebook and Instagram might even become interesting again....

Because there’s only so much you can have delivered to your door.


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